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AI Powered integrated bookkeeping, accounting, reporting & financial management software platform that empowers you with reliable data in real-time and adds value to your business on a continuous basis. Digital CFO comes in-built with audit trail and also enables you to manage governance, risk and compliance (GRC) through automation. Transition to the future of accounting & financial management with Digital CFO. 

We Solve Real Problems​


Transforms traditional accounting & financial management by breaking down silos​

Time Saving

Save BIG on time, efforts & costs​


Secure workflow technology with robust, in-built internal controls


Real time reporting for sound decision making and impactful results


Enhanced visibility of accounting & financial information for real-time efficiency tracking


Purposefully built insightful analytics & automation for trustworthy information


Powerful features across the finance and accounting spectrum​


Seamless integration with forward-backward linkages to drive digital strategies

Value Additions

Value-added options include liquidity optimization, credit access & vendor management

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Cheruku Srikanth is a finance professional with over two decades of experience in bookkeeping, financial management, audit, software product management and project life cycle management. He visualised Digital CFO and singlehandedly conceived the idea of automating bookkeeping and in parallel enable the business, through automation, to leverage their proprietary accounting and financial data for their growth and success. He developed the functional architecture, conceived the business logic and developed the workflows and the first UI / UX for Digital CFO and launched the beta version of the product based on nearly eight years of research and a team of just four interns and 2 developers and singlehandedly managed to procure reputed clients including global accounting firms and banks. He even conceived the idea of seamlessly integrating invoice discounting and digital lending and related financial products into the accounting software in real-time. He has won many accolades for his innovation and is an active member of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) where he is a member on the national committee on IT & ITES. He has built a team of talented professionals at Digital CFO and he is currently supporting his team in their goal of becoming a software of choice for CFOs, accountants and financial service providers globally.